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GenB is a boutique digital product development firm that creates custom enterprise-grade web, mobile, tablet and private cloud applications. Using an integrated team approach, we help launch and grow startups & increase efficiency and impact for established organizations.

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Understanding & Enabling Innovation

Information and communications technology (ICT) firms drive economic growth and create jobs in the United States and around the world.

As the impacts of technology and the Internet extend into every aspect of the global economy, interest in ways to facilitate growth of the technology sector, in nations around the world, has significantly increased. There is a strong global interest in having robust support for the technology sector in every country and every economy. Technology and innovation account for incredible growth in countries all over the world, not only in the ICT industry, but in both traditional sectors and other critical parts of the economy. There is a constant challenge, however, in governing and growing a dynamic 21st Century innovation economy; technologies change rapidly and innovations disrupt traditional ways of doing business. How can policymakers support technology and innovation in their economies, while avoiding counterproductive policy measures?